Junior Grade System
KATA ~ Excellent help for
Pinan Katas and Kushanku

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Background is Japanese calligraphy for "Kara  Te" - Empty Hand
Junior Yellow Belt
Junior Orange Belt
Junior Green Belt
Junior Blue Belt
Junior Purple Belt
Junior Brown Belt
Orange Tag
Yellow Tag
Green Tag
Blue Tag
Purple Tag
1st Black Tag
The junior system is devised to encourage youngsters. They will sit a small exam.
Children gain new belts by showing good attendance and effort in the class
The "TAG" system means youngsters keep their first Brown Belt and sit formal KYU Gradings similar to the adults.
Each senior grade is recognised by a coloured tag.
Senior Grading System
When a student reaches 1st Kyu (3rd Brown) they require to have 20 "stamps" in their license to be eligible to sit their 1st Dan Black Belt.
These are gained by competing in fighting and/or kata competitions.
Pinan Nidan
Pinan Shodan
Pinan Sandan
Pinan Yodan
Pinan Godan
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Junior Yellow Belt
Mini Ninja Grade System
Mini Ninja syllabus is for our younger students who may not have been training for very long or are not ready for the junior structure yet. We are only looking for the students to have a go and get used to the grading format. We are not looking for perfection just effort.

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